Horizon Report Tech Trends

This was my first time reading the Horizon Report.  I found it to be interesting and reassuring. I am on track with my technology integration goals in my classroom.  I shared the report with my administrator in hopes of it inspiring her to look at the use of tablets in education.  We have several laptop carts and two well equipped computer labs.  We also have Kindle Fires that are being utilized in the first and second grade classrooms.

I want to find a way for my school to get tablets for the older students to use.  I find that the applications that are available for the Kindle Fire don’t always meet the educational needs of the older student.  A tablet would allow students to be more engaged in their learning.  They are versatile and offer an experience that can’t be met with a laptop or netbook.  They are less expensive and take up less space.  I would like to learn more about how to manage tablets in a school environment.  We have had to be creative with the Kindle Fires on how to manage applications and the Amazon accounts needed.

For my Tech Trends assignment, I decided to focus on the technology I have learned about thus far in class.  The lesson on RSS Feeds really opened my eyes to ways I can change my current event project.  I teach in a combination grade environment.  That means I repeat a project or lesson every two years.  In two years, technology really changes.  The last time I used current events, students made a poster each time.  It contained their summary and a copy of the article.  I feel that I could do so much more with this project.  I decided to assign a different technology integrated presentation each month.  Students are assigned a topic and a specific way of presenting their project.  Most of the applications they have used before. I understand that for my 5th grade students and students new to our school, there will need to be additional teaching on the use of the technology.  Once I know what my schedule looks like, I can plan the time that will be needed.

I am sure that as I go through this process I will have to make changes.  My goal was to take my existing project and add technology that I currently have available.  If my school adopts some of the technology suggested in the Horizon Report, I can change the way I deliver the information to my students and the way they conduct their research.  For the time being, I will use my netbooks and other computers that are available to me.

Another goal of mine this year is to utilize my Classjump site more often.  As I am reading and learning more about technology integration, I realize the power a class website holds.  It will allow students and parents to always have access to information. They will no longer need to remember to ask for or wait to get an extra copy of an assignment.  I can provide that to them on the website.  I can also scan and post assignments.  If in the future, we utilize Google Drive, I can make things available to them that way also.  These changes in the way I distribute information will allow students and parents to plan together and access the information they need to be successful.

AECT Standards

This assignment met several of the AECT Standards.  I had to manage my time to create and complete the assignment.  I used several different technologies to write, edit and post the lesson that I created.  This lesson will be able to be used in my classroom which makes the assignment rewarding.  Not only did I get to learn, I have a product that I can use.

My students will also need to manage their time and use different technologies and resources to complete their projects.

2.3 Computer-Based Technologies
Computer-based technologies are ways to produce or deliver materials using microprocessor-based resources.

2.4 Integrated Technologies
Integrated technologies are ways to produce and deliver materials which encompass several forms of media under the control of a computer.

3.1 Media Utilization
Media utilization is the systematic use of resources for learning.

3.3 Implementation and Institutionalization
Implementation is using instructional materials or strategies in real (not simulated) settings. Institutionalization is the continuing, routine use of the instructional innovation in the structure and culture of an organization.

4.1 Project Management
Project management involves planning, monitoring, and controlling instructional design and development projects.


About andiarnold

I am a student in the MET program at Boise State.
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3 Responses to Horizon Report Tech Trends

  1. Great job! Your lesson plan was well thought out and very thorough. I loved the current event calendar that you used in the calendar.

  2. Hi Andi – this is a nice, thorough job. Your idea to use RSS feeds for the purpose of studying current events is both practical and engaging. Great work.

  3. tracyarner says:

    Great job! I love how you took a current and very useful lesson and integrated technology with it in such a way that it seems completely natural. I also love that your rubric gives students choices on how they wish to present. I think that when we empower students to be decision makers in their education they learn more enthusiastically than when we tell them everything they must do and force everyone to do the same thing.

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