Technology Evaluation Summary

In this assignment we were asked to evaluate our school’s technology.  We completed a survey based on maturity benchmarks and placed our school on a matrix based on certain criteria.

There are four levels of maturity.

  • Emergent Systems Stage
  • Islands of Technology Stage
  • Integrated Stage
  • Intelligent Systems Stage

The goal is to mature over time and progress towards the Intelligent Systems Stage.  It was interesting to identify and rank the different areas that make up our technology maturity.  Overall, I feel that we are on the right track.  We have several areas that we do well in and other areas that can be easily addressed.

As a charter, we have some freedoms that might not be present in a typical public school.  These freedoms are what make us unique.  We are still required to meet state goals and mandates, but I feel we have less steps to take to get approval for new technologies being introduced to the school.  On the flip side, we don’t have the support of an entire district to help aide us in issues that might arise.

This assignment helped me identify areas that I can take back to the Technology Committee to address.  I can share my findings and also have other members of the committee complete the survey and compare results.  Together, we can move our school from the Islands of Technology Stage to the Intelligent Systems Stage.


About andiarnold

I am a student in the MET program at Boise State.
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