PLE Design and Reflection

We were asked to design an image that represented our Professional Learning Environment.  At first, I had no idea what I could do.  I wanted something creative.  I was killing time looking at pictures and found one of someone blowing bubbles.  Blowing bubbles is so much fun. My youngest daughter gets so excited every time.  We could spend hours blowing bubbles and every time it brings us pleasure and laughter.

As I was thinking about the organizations I belong to, I realized that I am really new to this. I consider myself to be a teacher who is in touch with best practices and technology savvy. But, sharing and creating what I have learned and learning from others via groups, I am just starting a new chapter. I joined a few new online communities and rekindled my existence on others that I have been a part of for a while.   I have to admit that looking for appropriate online communities that bring me knowledge and not just an overloaded inbox is difficult.  I also worry about maintaining a positive digital footprint.  I sometimes lack the words to search and find new groups.  So, I look to my peers for their connections and see if they might too be a fit for me.

This experience has allowed me to look at the communities in a new light. Before, I simply used them for their entertainment value. An escape from work and learning. Little did I know that they would become the basis for my new way of learning. Each day I am amazed by what I find. Sharing with others is easy to do and people out there have really great ideas. I have taken a few things that I have learned on Pinterest and implemented them in my classroom. They have been a great success and time saver.

My image is meant to represent bubbles. I took something that I enjoy doing and used it to show my excitement for these new communities that I am a part of.  Like the bubbles floating around my backyard, I am floating around these communities. If I am lucky, I will make a connection. Just like when bubbles connect, they get stronger. I am stronger every time I make a connection. I am a better teacher, learner and mother. You will notice that some bubbles are blank.  These are reserved for my future connections that I will make and that will help shape who I am.


About andiarnold

I am a student in the MET program at Boise State.
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