Tech Coach Podcast

It seems that I always have lots of things that I would like to share with my staff and I’m limited in time to share with them.  Next year, my role at the school will be changing.  I will be leaving the classroom for a special project as a Technology Coach.  So, I thought a podcast might be a great way to share what I have to tell them.

A podcast would allow the staff to listen to what I have to tell them.  I can focus on specific technology as it relates to my school. We have introduces iPads to the school.  We have two carts of 32 right now.  Everyone wants to use them.  The first episodes address a couple questions I keep getting asked.  How can I find apps? When is the iPad cart for elementary ready? How do I reserve it?  The last issue I address briefly is iPad management.

I was having a hard time finding music to use in audacity for my intro and transitions.  I have a Mac so I actually used Garage Band to record my podcast.  I did do a couple of versions in Audacity prior to me becoming super frustrated.  I hope that other classmates can share how they found music for their podcasts.


Tech Coach Episode 1


Andi Arnold


About andiarnold

I am a student in the MET program at Boise State.
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