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To PowerPoint or Not to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is one of the first presentation software that people use.  I have created many presentations  and sat through many more.  Some are great and others, lets just say they couldn’t have ended quick enough. Without proper guidance, this tool … Continue reading

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Instructional Software Advantage

As I often do when I reflect on a topic, I think back to my childhood.  This topic of instructional software brings me back to the late ’80s and the game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?  I didn’t … Continue reading

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Acceptable Use Policy

An acceptable use policy generally pertains to the internet or data system and  outlines the dos and don’ts of use. For example, the Idaho State Department of Education has an Acceptable Use Policy for Schoolnet and ISEE, the state longitudinal … Continue reading

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Vision Statement

Educators are surrounded by goals and expectations. One of the most important goals is student learning. Educators are responsible for molding the leaders of tomorrow.  To prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist yet.  It is a career that … Continue reading

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