Obstacles and Solutions for Technology Integration

There seems to be two main problems when it comes to technology integration in my classroom.

Availability – Problems and Solutions

We have a lot of technology in our school.  I would consider us to be very lucky. But, it seems that even though we have a lot of technology it isn’t always available for use.  We are a K-12 school and at times the labs and other equipment are used the entire day by different classes.  There isn’t enough to go around.  This is a good problem to have.  I would rather it be this way than no technology or technology that isn’t being used.

When I taught, I had three other teachers at my grade level.  We collaborated a lot and so did a lot of the same projects.  That meant we had to be creative with technology.  A solution would be to turn a lesson that might be a 1:1 device into a center/station.  This would allow the technology to be shared.  Another solution would be to stagger the times of the lesson so that the demand on technology is less.

Adequate Resources – Problems and Solutions

Another problem would be having adequate resources to use with the available technology.  My classes were mixed grade levels which meant I had my kids for two years.  I taught different things each year so I repeated curriculum every two years.  A lot of web based resources, apps, software, etc change during that time.  It never failed that something would happen to my computer and I would lose all my bookmarks or not be able to find the file that I saved the links in.

One of the best solutions for this problem has been working on my Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.  In each class I have been exposed to amazing resources and tools to manage those resources.  Before, I stored everything at school.  Now I have a website that I keep most of my resources on as well as several other accounts. The only problem would be remembering where I stored what.

Having access to resources like Scoop It, Diigo and Twitter keep me up to date with new ways of integrating technology regardless of the subject area.  Developing my PLN has been the best way of overcoming not having adequate resources.  At times, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available.  This is a good problem to have.

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About andiarnold

I am a student in the MET program at Boise State.
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