EdTech 541 – Final Thoughts

Learning & Theories

The coursework in EDTECH 541 has helped further develop my belief in the power of technology integration.  I have a better understanding of the foundational theories that support technology, specifically TIP and TPACK.  These theories will help me plan, prepare and select the best strategies and materials to support learning. I understand that there is more to technology integration then having “tools” in your classroom to use.

AECT Standards & My Teaching

I feel the most rewarding part of the course was creating different lessons and products.  I learn best while doing.  I now have several lessons that I can share with others, use as examples or teach in the classroom.  I have a feeling that all of the knowledge I gained in this course will serve me well as I continue with the MET program.  Each course is building upon each other while meeting the different AECT standards to prepare me for graduation and life beyond the program.

Professional Growth

I can honestly say that everything I have learned is relevant to me professionally.  I am currently working as a Technology Coach and helping my staff integrate technology in their classrooms.  I have an arsenal of ideas and lessons that I can put into action at my school. When I first took the job, I was worried about how to help the teachers outside of elementary.  Spending time learning about different ways to integrate technology across the curriculum prepared me to help those teachers I was worried about.  I feel better prepared to make a difference at my school.

My Performance

Using the rubric provided, I scored myself at 136/140 points.  I felt I could have posted earlier in the module on some occasions and could have gone into more depth on other posts.  Here is my completed rubric.


About andiarnold

I am a student in the MET program at Boise State.
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