EDTECH 504 – Final Reflection

EdTech 504 introduced me to a variety of learning theories, demonstrated how older theories have adapted to include technology, and how newer theories have emerged.  The two theories that I feel will impact my teaching will be connectivism and constructivism.

Working as the Technology Coach has allowed me to analyze technology integration within my school.  This course has helped provide me with the tools and a deeper understanding of technology integration that I can use to be successful in my job.

The majority of the coursework for this class was centered on reading, discussing and writing about different learning theories. I enjoyed being able to put my ideas and thoughts out there and have my peers read and respond.  I believe this is an important process in learning.

Looking at the coursework completed and reviewing the AECT standards, I feel each assignment addressed an element of Standard 1: Design.

Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to design    conditions for learning by applying principles of instructional systems design,             message design, instructional strategies, and learner   characteristics.

Having an understanding of learning theories will aid me with designing future lessons.  I will be able to select appropriate instructional strategies, identify student needs and use technology to meet instructional and student goals.


About andiarnold

I am a student in the MET program at Boise State.
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