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Learner characteristics are those facets of the learner’s experiential background that impact the effectiveness of a learning process.


This week we looked at the importance of assessment both formative and summative.  In order for PBL to work assessments need to be designed around the principles of PBL and the standards which are the core of the project. I … Continue reading

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Project Based Learning – Art Integration Article Review

The article I selected to review is Project-Based Learning as a Context for Arts Integration by Andrew Miller. It can be found here. Art integration is something that I feel is important for a well rounded education.  It could be … Continue reading

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PLE Design and Reflection

We were asked to design an image that represented our Professional Learning Environment.  At first, I had no idea what I could do.  I wanted something creative.  I was killing time looking at pictures and found one of someone blowing … Continue reading

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