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Technology Use Planning Overview

What is technology use planning? Technology use planning is an action plan that guides a school in making decisions in regards to technology.  It outlines what the goals of the organization are, who is responsible, what the expectations are and … Continue reading

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Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

Having access to technology and everything that goes with it really is a privilege.  I’ve never really thought about it before.  Going “home” this summer to a rural area made me realize that is not as easy for my family.  … Continue reading

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Horizon Report Tech Trends

This was my first time reading the Horizon Report.  I found it to be interesting and reassuring. I am on track with my technology integration goals in my classroom.  I shared the report with my administrator in hopes of it … Continue reading

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RSS for Education

This is my first experience with RSS feeds and Google Reader. The only thing that I can relate it to is the updates I get on my Facebook page.  I like that Google Reader will give me all the headlines … Continue reading

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Introduction of Andi Arnold

This is a short introductory video that I created for EDTECH 501.  I used Windows Live Movie Maker and my iPhone.  My goal was  for the viewers to be able to learn the following information: Who is Andi Arnold? Why … Continue reading

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I am a 5/6 grade teacher.  I am a mom of two beautiful girls and the wife of one amazing man.  I am so excited to be starting the MET program at Boise State. What other program would you get … Continue reading

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